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08-18-2007, 12:43 AM   #1
I Have a Chainsaw
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Default I will take 80's Cheese, Ryan

Perhaps it's only my point of view in the Rotten Truth, Ryan, but I will take 80's cheeseball ketchup horror over the current slate of films on the market.

What current horror films?

Torture porn & Remakes of said 80's-70's classics. I'm a news editor for a news site and it's really discouraging to have to publish "remakes" every 5th horror article I have to write up...I have respect for Rob Zombie even if he really effing expletitived me over for an interview last month. I even told him I was a Carpenter fanatic before asking for said interview. Perhaps, that's why I got screwed over? Whatever the case, I know we can't get away from "remakes"...I just wish Hollywood would learn that remakes are not the same as thinking up new concepts within the horror genre.

If it's a case of what I'd want more? The latest fad of horror or something similiar to the 80's cheese....I'd take the 80's cheese. I can watch EVIL DEAD (from Mr. Raimi) a thousand times without getting tired...whereas I would flip the channel through SAW III halfway through the third time on the satelite channel.

The horror genre re-invents itself every few years and I'm saying we need to tell said directors that something needs to be done. I'd rather have more subtle horror come back into the game (John Carpenter and Wes Craven) then see more of what I've been seeing lately.

We do not need a remake of the original Friday the 13th. That's been done before. We don't need to see a remake of the original Evil Dead. That has been done before...

We need to see horror directors shaping the genre into a new direction..Into something which won't get old after two years....(see: torture porn).

Edit: If this forum was meant for your rants, Ryan...I apologize, move me to a different forum. I'm just a fellow horror fanatic, another news editor who links your site & another fan of classical horror over the latest "fad". I just saw the Horror Culture forum..Perhaps my thoughts would go better there.

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