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Reviewed by: Paul Doro
5 out of 10
Movie Details:
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Lance Henriksen as Mulciber
Danielle Harris as Halfpipe
Tiffany Shepis as Angelfuck
Bill Moseley as Dr. West
Justin Pierre as Tommy

Directed by: Matt Pizzolo


Godkiller is an illustrated film, a new filmmaking format mixing elements of anime, radio drama, video games and motion comics. Motion animation, 3D CGI and visual effects are combined with music and dramatic voice performances. That information is provided on the back of the DVD box, which I found to be particularly helpful because I wasn't exactly sure what I was watching. It makes me really feel my age. The things kids are into these days.

Feeble attempts at humor aside, Godkiller is a serialized illustrated film that will be released in episodes prior to a theatrical release. I believe that will be happening sometime next year. The first installment is called "Walk Among Us." Despite the almost immediate comfort and familiarity provided by Lance Henriksen's voice, I still didn't quite get what was going on. It was akin to starting a movie you have never seen before after it was already half over. "OK, now what is going on again?"

Essentially the story concerns Tommy (Justin Pierre), a resourceful teen trying to help his kid sister. Only 14, the cruel Dr. West (Bill Moseley) is going to pull the plug on her. She desperately needs a new heart and Tommy is determined to find one for her. In Godkiller's world, after a nuclear war and economic collapse have decimated Earth, there is a demand for clean blood and fresh organs. Trafficking in stolen body parts is a normal profession. Assisting Tommy is Halfpipe (Danielle Harris), a prostitute/organ stealer. They venture into a brutal borderland known as Outer City.

While I consider myself an open-minded individual, I have a difficult time embracing this type of film. Yes, some of the imagery is quite breathtaking and clearly a lot of skill is on full display. But watching a comic book on my television leaves me cold. I feel no emotional connection to what is transpiring on the screen. It probably plays better on a computer screen, where it would be more appropriate to view something based on video games and comics. I never felt like I was watching a movie and it was tough to care about what was happening. It's as if someone in the room with you is providing narration while showing you a set of their drawings. Even at only 25 minutes it gets redundant.

I imagine that Godkiller will be able to find a devoted following. Viewers into comics and video games who are more accustomed to watching things on a computer screen should have no trouble embracing it. Different strokes for different folks.

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